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These practical one-day workshops in legal translation are offered by Julian Scott, a former lecturer in Spanish legal translation at City University and the University of Westminster. They are aimed at practising and aspiring Spanish-English translators who wish to further their specialisation in this field.

Each stand-alone module is covered in one day, with 6 modules being offered over the course of one year. An optional translation assignment is set and marked after each module. While the focus is on translation practice, information on background concepts such as Spanish court structure or inheritance law, as well as applicable translation theory and research techniques, are also incorporated.


  • Contract law
  • Civil litigation
  • Property law
  • Wills and Probate
  • Company and commercial law
  • European Law

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Julian’s legal translation workshops were both highly informative and very enjoyable. I particularly appreciated their very practical approach, which focused on solving real-life translation problems. The course not only prepared me for dealing with specialised legal texts but also helped to improve my general translation skills. Julian is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher, and I would recommend the workshops to anyone looking to specialise in this area of translation.
Kate Harre MITI

...whenever I go to Mallorca, I find I can understand more and hold ever more interesting conversations.
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